Product, Service, Support, and Promotion Aliases
Item Identities Used in Testimony Aliases Used in Operations
1. Digital Disclosure Solution

= Investor Relations (IR) related system integration

System Integration for IR

Managed by FSOL*

2. Investor Solution

= Support for individual & institutional users


FSOL put it in puppet co. (Corporate Direct KK) & "OEM-ed" it back right after trialís end; to G-Search** as InfoPro-Station; to Nifty** as @Business and @Finance

3. IR-Station

= An SQL database that manages IR info gathering

WebSERVE/Disclosure & Glovia

(e.g., CA-Driver**)

4. IR-Functions

= Control center console for all IR activities


managed by Fujitsu Okayuma Engineering (done prior to trial testimony)





 FSOL stands for Fujitsu Solutions and is a product marketing entity of Fujitsu

 G-Search & Nifty are Fujitsu companies; as is Glovia


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