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Hiding references to "EXCEL" and mispelling "template" as "templet" (to frustrate searching using engines).

The references to "EXCEL templet", have been purposely camflouged as white text. To detect this, you must pay close attention to the WWW View as it compares to the USA View. In View WWW you see the Japanese is surrounded with text that you don't see translated in View USA. Actually, the text is there but you don't see it because it is white, the same as the background. However, if you take the actual USA translation engine output (just click on the USA View image) and highlight the area in question (by clicking on the web page and pressing "Ctrl A"), then you will see the camouflaged text!

If you really want to appreciate the subterfuge fully, note the spelling of template, "templet" (at the bottom of the hidden text). To appreciate that this is no random misspelling, be advised that the matter being hidden is the use of an "Excel template" which has a bearing on our litigation. With this spelling error, every search engine will skip this page!

Inside the HTML code are the following offending lines of code:

  1. <font size=2 color="#FFFFFF" face="Times New Roman">

  2. <span style='font-size: 9.5pt;color:#FFFFFF'>

Line #1 is generated by the translation engine's call to the file (whereupon the server easily detects that the visitor is from a translation engine) just in case the browser is antiquated and doesn't serve style sheets (the subject of the next line of code).

Line #2 is also generated in the same way as above, but this is intended to insure that more recent browsers (almost all in use by professionals) will also print white (the code, "#FFFFFF", instructs browsers to use white).

When the .css (the style sheet coding reference) is deleted, the white text appears normally. From this we deduce that the style sheets are driving the subterfuge.


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