LinkCo v. Fujitsu Ltd.


Deposition Testimony of Atobe, Kamijo, and Shibata (as 30B6)



     Kazunori Atobe Deposition (Wednesday, June 6, 2001 in Tokyo)

    Q Do you know why the Investors Solution has not been commercialized? A No.

    Q You were aware as you worked on this project in 1998 that part of DisclosureVision was going to be the Investors Solution, were you not? A I was aware that it was one of the three solutions.

    Q And you never asked anyone why aren't we working on Investors Solution? A No.

    Q And 2 years and 3 months after putting out a public brochure saying that the Investors Solution was part of Fujitsu's, would be part of Fujitsu's comprehensive package, you still don't have an Investors Solution, do you? A That's right.

    Q And you haven't even begun work on an Investors Solution, have you? A I'm not sure.



     Hideki Kamijo Deposition (Tuesday, June 5, 2001 in Tokyo)

    Q Mr. Kamijo, is Fujitsu still promoting any of the products that you mentioned here today? A No.

    Q To ask you an obvious question, have there been any sales of anything attributable to Investor Solution since DisclosureVision was conceived? A No, there is not.

    Q Does Fujitsu, Mr. Kamijo, have any current plans to develop products that would fall under the Investor Solution component of DisclosureVision? A It does not.



    30B6 (Toru Shibata) Deposition (Tuesday, June 5, 2001 in Tokyo)

    Q Okay. And there are no numbers indicated by IR business or investors business, is that correct? The only line which has numbers is Digital Disclosure? A True, there are numbers only on this Digital Disclosure. It's not that there are no numbers for the other two but that the numbers are zero.

    Q And did you consider the 15 billion yen estimate also to be a bad joke? A Well, I believe it is a number that is not achievable

    Q And you believed that at the time that it was released to the public, didn't you? A In March of 1999 I considered that number as one to emphasize the release, and as so often customarily observed in Japan.

    Q Well, as section manager responsible for DisclosureVision do you believe that there is a need to be honest with the public regarding your products? A That is not necessary in Japan.