Fujitsu witness, Hideki Kamijo, testifying on Tuesday, June 5, 2001 in Tokyo:

  • Q1 Mr. Kamijo, is Fujitsu still promoting any of the products that you mentioned here today? A1 No.

  • Q2 To ask you an obvious question, have there been any sales of anything attributable to Investor Solution since DisclosureVision was conceived? A2 No, there is not.

  • Q3 Does Fujitsu, Mr. Kamijo, have any current plans to develop products that would fall under the Investor Solution component of DisclosureVision? A3 It does not.


30B6 Witness, Toru Shibata, testifying in the name of Fujitsu: (the definition of a 30B6 witness)

  • Q1 Okay. And there are no numbers indicated by IR business or investors business, is that correct? The only line which has numbers is Digital Disclosure? A1 True, there are numbers only on this Digital Disclosure. It's not that there are no numbers for the other two but that the numbers are zero.

  • Q2 And did you consider the 15 billion yen [gross revenue] estimate [in the Fujitsu press release of March 3, 1999] also to be a bad joke? A2 Well, I believe it is a number that is not achievable.

  • Q3 And you believed that at the time that it was released to the public, didn't you? A3 In March of 1999 I considered that number as one to emphasize the release, and as so often customarily observed in Japan.

  • Q4 Well, as section manager responsible for DisclosureVision do you believe that there is a need to be honest with the public regarding your products? A4 That is not necessary in Japan.


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