LinkCo v. Fujitsu Ltd.

Southern District of NY

CASE NO. 00 CIV. 7242 (SAS),  Jury Trial,  November 5-6, 2002, NYC
HON.  SHIRA  A.  SCHEINDLIN,  Federal District Judge,  Presiding



Trial Testimony of Kamijo and Tamura



Ø     Hideki Kamijo Testimony (page 1066, line 10 through line 16)

    Q Why was the investor solution announced before it had been developed?  A One of the characteristics or sales points of Disclosurevision is to provide Solutions to Japan’s financial market as a whole.   And this investor Solution is [an] integral part of this total system.  So the Fujitsu wanted to emphasize that this is a comprehensive system.   


     ……   (page 2731, line 22 through line 34)


    Q Mr. Kamijo, why didn’t Fujitsu ever develop any of the ideas you just described for Investor Solution?  A Yes. Well, one reason, first of all, is that the target customers, that is, the on-line trading companies, had already begun building for themselves the scheme that we were thinking of utilizing to build a product for them.

    Q You said the first reason were there any others? A One of the other reasons why it’s still under planning is because currently the number of on-line trading firms is decreasing.


     ……   (page 2734, line 22 through line 24)


    …however it turned out that this would be provided free of charge by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, so the TanshinStation disappointedly was not sold.   


     ……   (page 2735, line 14 through line 21)

    Q Why in your view didn’t any sales of IR Station Happen? A First of all, one reason was because the IR, PR sections, accounting, and general affairs department, had been the target for this product, and at that time the Japanese Economic bubble had burst and all of the sections and department were engaged in cost cutting measures at the time, and they did not have the budget for this….        


     ……   (page 2741, line 3 through line 6)

    Q Does Fujitsu, to your knowledge, Mr. Kamijo, have any current plans to develop products that would fall under the investor solution component of Disclosurevision? A No.         


     ……   (page 2741, line 20 through line 22)

    Q Has the Disclosurevision effort by THAT NAME been discontinued by Fujitsu? A Yes, it has been.       


     ……   (page 1075, line 3 through line 8)

    Q Did you send those reports to President Akikusa? A Yes, I did.        

    Q Why did you do that?   A In our Division it is common practice for presidents to be included in the addresses.

    Q Do you regularly write reports to Presidnet Akikusa?  A No I don’t.


[Note: Each person who submitted such reports to President Akikusa testified similar to the above.  Then, Masayasu Tamura testified as follows:]


Ø     Masayasu Tamura Testimony (page 666, line 9 through line 16)

    Q Is it common for overseas business trip reports to be sent to the President of Fujitsu A There are so many people who take trips overseas, if everybody sent a copy of the overseas trip to the President, the president would never have enough time to read them all.